Friday, 28 September 2012

No, I just like the colours...

 I haven't suddenly started stocking nail polishes in HH. I took this picture a while ago and I'm sorry but I can't remember which shop I took it in.
Imagine having the time to paint your nails to match your outfit. Perhaps a different shade each day.
Life seems so very busy at the moment. The shop is like a cuckoo in the nest demanding time and attention all the time. My daughter had to remind me yesterday that THIS IS THE DREAM I have waited for so long! Don't worry 90% of the time I love it!

This weekend (weather permitting) we are having THE BIG FAMILY PICNIC . As we only seem to all get together at funerals we thought we'd celebrate the summer with an outdoor bash. We all live so far apart (about 35 are coming)and I totally respect those who are driving a considerable way to be with their kith and kin. Just have to keep our fingers crossed for a sunny, dry day.

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