Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Re-creating cloth cats

Sheila Barrow made the iris picture in the background. Foreground  cat by Lin  Harley, background cat  by me.

Many years ago I bought the green ribbon cat from my friend Lin.
 I've always liked it but now it is very faded. So last night I made another two. (I can't do the string until I get to work as my big sewing needles are on the desk there.) 
I guess if I went back to Hobbycraft I might find some of those small wood spools as well.
The attractive winter print fabric I think I got from Ben Franklin (?) in the States again a long time ago. It's a soft brushed cotton and this is a good use for it.


Lindsey said...

Had a chat with Sheila Barrow last night, said she was going to give you a ring.

jenny said...

Thanks Lindsey. I would love to have Sheila's work in Handmade Happiness.

Lindsey said...

thought you might!!!!