Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Felt making time again

 I'm posting this picture of felt on the wash board to remind me to start felt making again this week. Now there's a nip in the air it feels right to be making felt again.

Yesterday, I had a good look at what Hobbycraft in Havant is offering and came out empty handed.  That is a first for me. They've got quite a lot of Christmas stuff but none of it seemed quite right. I think this year my Christmas inspiration will come from nature. Because people are spending less I feel that keeping it simple and keeping prices down is the way to go from now on.


Lindsey said...

I would like some handmade felt for bears. Do you sell, & how much would a piece, like in the picture, be?

jenny said...

Hi Lindsey,
I intend making some to sell in the shop. What colours would you be interested in?

Lindsey said...

Bear colours but I don't mind multi coloured as long as it will suit a bear.