Monday, 24 September 2012

A year ago...

Sorry this picture's a bit blurry. When Handmade Happiness first opened this is what I sold. 
As well as my dolls and Gayle Bicknell's purses and birds there are Michelle Green's natural dyed yarns and jars and props all of which I'd sell.
 This reading nook under the stairs soon went. As the amount of stock grew I needed it as storage space. It's now blocked off by display furniture.
Looking at photos of the shop when it first opened it seems quite empty. I put so little in the window then and the shop looks clearer. I think this week will be de-clutter week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny
Just checking in from a wet,windy and decidedly autumnal S.W.France to say "Happy 1st Birthday!" to Handmade Happiness and here's to a successful second year. Looking forward to seeing the new crochet stuff...taught myself last October and now never far away from a hook !
Hope to be over in the near future,
Best wishes, from Carole x

jenny said...

Looking forward to seeing you soon, Carole.