Friday, 17 February 2012


Love this little bird by Abigail Brown, torn from a magazine.

Feels like we're all waiting for Spring at the moment. And I'm waiting to see if my little shop, started four months ago can be a success. These are the toughest months - January til March when people don't feel comfortable spending any money.

I'm learning a lot. Like it's often the customers who love the shop the loudest that spend nothing. My favourites are those treasures who come in regularly with their quiet friendship and always buy something - even if it's only a card or some buttons. Those are the ones who will ensure I can pay the quarterly rent in March.

On a more cheerful note the lovely printed tissues arrived yesterday. I immediately hung them in the window!
I love the Liberty print tissue and the birds, the black toile de jouy and the line drawn flowers. I'll take a picture of them today to show you tomorrow!

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Jill said...

You are right I do like it!! I really hope that your shop is a success we need more like you! I make cushions, bunting etc out of vintage (mostly french) fabrics for a couple of shops, one in the Cotswolds and a new on-line shop so if you are interested I could send you some photos.
Hope you have lots of lovely customers and a great weekend. We are often down in your area (I have friends near Alton) so will pop in and see you.