Saturday, 11 February 2012

Miniature bunting

Looking at bunting is very cheering. It's a celebration of life!

That's why I'm thinking wouldn't it be great to have miniature bunting you could pin up on a noticeboard; stick on the top of a letter to a friend; sellotape to shelf edges etc. And cut small like that bunting could be made of anything - painted papers/ gift wrap/ cellophane sweet wrappers.

A while ago I posted a picture of Jane's shed where she had made bunting from the covers of Country Living magazines. It looked great!

Miniature bunting - yes, an ideal way to use those scraps of fabric too pretty to throw away. If you see me on the sewing machine in the shop on Monday that's what I'll be making!
By the way, after this Monday the shop will not be open on Mondays until warmer weather comes.

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jenny said...

Chris has emailed me a nice link for DIY mini bunting.