Monday, 6 February 2012

To be (there) or not to be there

It's Monday and I'm wondering about shop opening times. Up until now I've been happy to open six days a week with Sunday as the day off. But to be honest Mondays can be very quiet, and my neighbouring shop, Tara Wake Interiors doesn't open on Mondays. So today I will be open as usual until lunchtime then I'll leave a note on the door so anyone passing can ring me if they want to look around.
I guess that now I've said that I might just get the busiest Monday ever!!


Fibre frenzi said...

Why not give yourself 2 days off...if people get to know that you are closed on Mondays, it won't be a problem. You could then, either stay in bed all day, go out and about, or use the time to make!! I think only one day off a week isn't enough ( I speak from experience..) x

Naomi said...

I agree! Human Beings need 2 days off a week to be brilliant and productive for the other 5.