Friday, 3 February 2012

Knitted cupcakes and ribbons

Cupcakes knitted by Rebecca Snelling.

Recent additions to the shop include these fun cup cake pin cushions and reels of ribbon.

Cupcakes are £12.50 each. Ribbons, left to right are celery silk 60p a yd; thin red double sided satin 30p a yard and twisted ombre £1-00 a yard.

It's after 7am and it's still dark outside. Even in this bitter cold I like to have the bedroom window open at night but in these weather conditions it feels like 'The Ice Hotel' in Norway. A friend has stayed in this wonderful place.

Every year the hotel is re-built - everything, furniture, chandeliers is carved from ice. Reindeer skins are on the 'beds'. At nighttime apparently the staff zip you up into a specially warm sleeping bag with only your face showing. She says she slept really well.

Maybe that's the answer then. Sleeping bags under the duvet.
What do you think? Share your experiences/ tips on coping with extreme cold by clicking on the comments below.

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i-tüpferl & Sahnehäubchen said...

They are so cute, I love them!
All the best Susanne