Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Like it - who made it?

I am breaking one of my own rules this morning by posting a picture without attributing it.
 I hate to see pictures in magazines or on blogs of something handmade where the person who made it is not mentioned. However I've looked through pinterest where I must have found this originally and no joy. If you know you made this felted wool bag let me know and I'll put their name by it.

I like the soft colours. It looks well made and is a good size. The construction is simple and the interest is from the great batch of knitwear and boiled wool the maker has found. In short I'd like to have some of these in the shop!

Now back to the tax page. Why do I make such heavy weather of it??!

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christine said...

i like lots of bags here:


I've just walked the hound and now I'm off to the workshop - it's just a stable, travel kettle and a hose pipe. brrrrrrrr I must be bonkers. (Thank goodness for Radio 4 to keep me sane)