Saturday, 28 January 2012

Buttons and rug

My buttons on the table above Glen Wellstead's rug.

This is the quiet time in the shop at the moment. I was warned that January, February and even March tend to be the slowest months of the year business wise.  
Now is the time to write that book, make the merchandise and improve displays.

Yesterday I had a ribbon and DIY metal button delivery and it will be good to see the reaction to those things. And one of the shop visitors showed me the most exquisitely made dressed mouse. I'm hoping she'll make more for the shop as her work is special!

 Today Becky is coming in with her fab makes and hopefully my son and one of the daughters will drop in. Meantime if you notice me frowning at a load of papers on the desk you'll know that I still haven't finished the dreaded tax return!!

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