Saturday, 21 January 2012

Scents of Spring

I love the strong perfume of hyacinths. These are an unusual colour and I remember being given them at this time of year and how lovely it was to smell them in the hall going out and coming in.

I looked at the hyacinths in Marks and Spencer - half price - do they ever sell any at full price I wonder? -  but they're either blue or pink. I like white ones, or pale lilac or dark lilac like these. I want some in the shop.

People really appreciate a nice smell. Most of the time our sense of smell doesn't bother us. Supermarkets don't smell of anything except when you approach the bread area. In a clean town like Petersfield I think you could go the whole day without consciously smelling anything at all.

 I've been  burning an Avoca roses candle in the shop that I got for Christmas. People comment on the nice smell and now it's used up I'll get some white hyacinths to provide that nice, relaxing smell.

Now I'm off to Midhurst - yes, I know it's only 6.30am but apparently you have to be there early to get the best stuff at the monthly market. A friend who has a stall there says the dealers arrive at 6.30 ish so if I'm there at about 7.30am I'll avoid the scrum and hopefully still pick up some pretty 'vintage' fabrics. I'll let you know what I buy...  

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