Friday, 13 January 2012

How's the Diet going?

Photo taken at Maison Blanc, Guildford.

Has your response to this picture altered since January 1st?
I always resolve to get slim again in the New Year. But you'd have to have known me for quite a long time to remember what I was like slim!
Is it all about re-training your response to calorie laden food? Loving the veg - especially the green veg. and trying to convince yourself that croissants are very very bad! 

I think it's about reward and punishment. As children many of us were brought up to think of chocolate or sweets as rewards for being good. They weren't freely available as they are now, they were definetely treats.

As adults we must re-train ourselves to think that being kind to ourselves (having treats) is to actually put healthy foods into our bodies - fruit, veg, pulses, nuts (and/or meat and fish). The five star fuel!
In some sense we punish ourselves  by eating food that gives nil nourishment in return for a whole load of calories. It just tastes nicer... Hmmm.. training is ongoing.
A friend who is enviably slim says brussel sprouts are her favourite food. See? She deserves to be slim!

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