Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Seeing the light

I really like this light fitting which shoots rays across the whole ceiling. Photographed at Watergardens self catering bungalow, near Trowbridge (see previous post.)

Did the strong winds disturb your night? Having woken at 3am I could not get back to sleep so as usual I got to thinking. First I re-designed the bedroom on paper, coming up with a much more spare look I like.

 Then I was thinking about the nature of friendship. All the people you work with and get along brilliantly with in your work situation. Then you move jobs and somehow the friendships you thought you'd made don't survive the transition. They were work based friendships and rely on having work in common. I guess if you want those work friendships to survive you have to really work on them.

On the same theme I think if you put yourself out to help someone or someone really helps you it is not necessarily an equal exchange of favours. Instead there are chains of kindness when those people help or listen to others that cross their paths. We're all links in chains. We're just not always aware that we are.

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