Monday, 2 January 2012

Shop corners

Shoppers screen printed by hand by Gayle Bicknell in the lobby.
Ann Hutchins' stitched pictures, right; my doll and Gayle Bicknell's silk scarf on the left.

I'm in the mood for change. Are you? A New Year always feels like a fresh start. Today I will lose weight, re-decorate my house; make a billion things for the shop and throw a wonderful party for all my friends and family. And all by lunchtime!!

I resolve to do all those things in 2012 and make an online shop for Handmade Happiness and visit Paris and create the best shop I can in Dragon Street. I feel so fortunate to have at last got a shop and I love being in it and talking to all the lovely customers. Bless you and thank you  for all your support and friendship in 2011.

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Anonymous said...

Did you actually write, you will come to Paris in 2012 ?
Bonne Année !