Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What are these?

Pictures taken at Petersfield's Physic Garden.

Yesterday I read that contract and today I'm getting some legal advice. But I guess it's pretty standard.
Meanwhile I'm going through drawers and boxes retrieving interesting things for the shop. I'll get some nice grey card, maybe other colours too for display and packaging.

By the way, to save time I got new printing ink in with the week's shop at Tesco. But £12.95 for black
ink? Should have tried to get a refill first. I just have a feeling that the sealed cartridges are ones that can't be topped up.
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jenny said...

Naomi emailed to say she has both of these trees in her garden. She identifies the top fruits as medlars and the bottom pear-like fruits as golden greengages. Thanks Naomi.

jenny said...

Jane emailed to say that the top fruits are medlars and she thinks that the bottom fruits are quinces.
Thanks Jane.

jenny said...

Veronica has also emailed to identify the top fruits as medlars and the bottom fruits as quinces.