Monday, 5 September 2011

My Mess!

I have about a trillion buttons; metres of lovely ribbon; boxes of bits of old lace and broderie anglaise, scores of balls of yarn and three large laundary baskets of neatly folded fabrics (old Liberty prints are my favourites). No, I'm not boasting, this is just stuff I've collected ever since I can remember. I dip into my collection to make things with but I'll never use it all up. I've been going through it with a view to packaging it nicely to sell on. I must get some of those paper backed cellophane bags that cakes are sold in. Baking supplies?

Meanwhile on Saturday night my friend Kate and I peered through the windows of the place that will hopefully soon be my shop before going to eat and talk about it all. Kate and I have been selling our makes together and separately for years. She is a very successful potter or ceramacist as she may prefer to be called. 

 Her family once had an art shop in Chichester and she has a great business head on her shoulders. I respect her opinion and her words of wisdom are helping me look to the future with confidence. As my mother always tells me, I am lucky with my friends.
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jenny said...

Thank you Chris for telling me I can find those bags at Adams in Chichester.