Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The shop - naming and stocking

Ok maybe I should wait until I've signed the contract but my brain is full of all things shop.

I want visiting this shop to be inspiring and uplifting. A creative place where you can sit down and make something or just have a play with materials and tools that are easy and fun. It's not for kids though I hope they'll enjoy it too. It's for adults who want to switch off their lives for a moment and get lost in colour and play. Where you can buy wool, like Michelle's hand-dyed wool pictured, felt, beautiful ribbon, buttons, handmade gifts, creative kits ,nice cards etc.

So a name to reflect all that. I keep thinking 'Making Colour' but I'm not satisfied with that. Name ideas would be really welcome dear readers. Just click on the comments' Anonymous button for speed and put your name in the text if you want to.

ps. After my moans about minimum orders being too expensive I just had an email from Rowan and their minimum order isn't quite as much. I like some of the fabrics they do too..!

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