Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Selling in Chichester and viewing in Arundel

Yesterday I had fun setting up in the Oxmarket (wish they still called it Chichester Centre of Arts). I'm in the big gallery amid lots of paintings, some by Sue England. I like her work. The exhibition runs for two weeks. I'm next there on Friday. Drop in and say hello! www.sueengland.co.uk

I then drove to Arundel to go round the Gallery Trail (recommended) which is on til next Monday. I love walking round Andy Waite's house in Tarrant Street. His walls, floors and furniture are perfectly co-ordinated with the paintings. Looks great. www.andywaite.net

In the same street you'll want to see Vanda Zebrak's detailed embroideries if you're a textiles person www.vandacrafts.com 
 I like the way Tina Gunstone has incorporated old buttons with silver into jewellery. www.tinagjewellery.co.uk  In the same house is Karren Urben's brilliant painting of women deep in conversation www.karrenurben.com and some great still life's by Karin Moorhouse www.karinmoorhousedesign.com . I also love Gilly McCadden's watercolours and silk screen prints. www.gillymcadden.com

Think I might have to go round again!
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Anonymous said...

Just showed Helen (Owain's mum) your blog and she loves it! Says it's fab! She is looking forward to seeing you and your shop! Sophie xxx