Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Rose Jugs

I saw these three in a charity shop window on Monday night and thought how reasonably priced they were. I was there soon after opening yesterday. They are old with gold painted numbers on the base. I think they will look beautiful with overblown, blousy roses in them. Sorry the picture is not good. You can't really see the lovely gold above the rose design.
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Rhian said...

Hi Jenny,So nice to see your shop again,even though its from a great distance!
I love your your trio of jugs.
My mother developed a love of jugs as she grew older,collecting from market stalls and antique shops. I thought it odd at the time but now I find that I too, am drawn to jugs! They have the nicest shapes,designs and crispness! They have beauty and function! Flowers and jugs sing together!I too would have been at that shop at the crack of dawn!
It was lovely to see you(and your flowers!)at the wedding and
share the joy and happiness of that day.A very special day for a special couple.
Take care,keep blogging and good luck on line. Rhian x

jenny said...

Hi Rhian,
Thank you for your lovely comment about my rose jugs. It was lovely to see you at the wedding too and I'm so pleased that Sophie and Owain had a wonderful day and everyone enjoyed themselves so much. One of these days I'll drive over to Wales and say hello.
Sorry I don't do Facebook but thanks for your invitation anyway.X