Friday, 15 July 2011

Wild Damson

I really like this palest blue 'armoire'. It's made of a solid, robust pine with removable shelves in the cupboard above and smooth gliding drawers below. £295 is a good price for it and somebody has bought it. 

There are lots of good painted pieces of furniture in Wild Damson in Dragon Street, Petersfield as well as a selection of linen cushions, vintage kitchenware and nice old mirrors.If you live nearby it is worth a visit. email:

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Anonymous said...

You'll have to take to me this shop - it looks very nice. One day I will have a house filled with gorgeous stuff. Thinking today that I would like my house to be fairly neutral with chunky statement furniture - only things I love. Looking forward to our trip to The Hambledon - they have a blog too. Not as good as this one obviously! Sophie xxx