Saturday, 16 July 2011


After years of waking to the slightest sound from one of my three children I am a very light sleeper. Now it's any little sound in the street. At 2.00am rain woke me. I got up to make a cup of tea and then read my book until sleep reclaimed me an hour or so later.

My current book is Nella Last's diary from the early 1950s. She writes much as I have just done about the little things in her life. What she cooks her husband for his dinner, who said what to whom and what she bought at the shops (with rationing coupons then). Nothing much happens but its compelling because of her natural curiousity and sympathy with everyone she comes across. Recommended for when ever you can't sleep in the middle of the night!
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Anonymous said...

What has happened to your background? I liked the books! Or peonies and roses would look good! Sophie xxx

Anonymous said...

I would love to wake to the sound of a gentle rain at 2am. No chance of that here until September -if we're lucky.
Sometimes,once the rains start, there is so much wind and hard, hard rain beating on our tin roof, that it becomes impossible to sleep. The thought of those huge trees that surround our house being tossed around until one might snap - this is what keeps one awake.
John and all arrive on Sunday and will be sleeping in a yurt. Hazelxx

jenny said...

For the record, Hazel lives up a mountain in California.

Hi Hazel. Near here there is a 'yurt village' part of the 'glamping' scene! The yurts apparently have wood burning stoves and the biggest yurt or 'yurtery' which people can use has hot showers and full sized ovens. Why not rename your house the 'yurtery'! Hope you all have a lovely time.xxxjenny