Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Newspaper decoration

My friend Bee sent me this photo of a homestead cafe in Queensland, Australia. I'm interested in the decorative newspaper on the shelves.

Was this done just to pretty the place up or did people line their shelves with newspaper to catch the dust and dirt and then replace it regularly?

I've noticed newspaper edgings on kitchen shelves in pictures of modern day houses recently. Presumably this is purely decorative. Or is it a sign of the times that people are thinking of cheap ways to pretty up their houses. And what could be cheaper than newspaper?
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jenny said...

My friend Yvonne told me that Charles Rennie Macintosh papered his hallway with brown parcel paper. And I agree with her that shelf edgings done in brown paper might look good.

Anonymous said...

Christine Burgess says:
Folks used to buy printed, waxed paper in rolls with a frilly, pointed edge for putting along shelves. These were changed annually at spring cleaning time.