Thursday, 14 July 2011


Pictures torn from the August issue of Homes and Antiques.

I have a love hate relationship with magazines. At Christmas I buy lots because I love the Christmas issues especially Homes and Gardens and any American magazine.
The rest of the time any magazine has to look full of interest for me to part with my money.

 A mistake I've made in the past is to buy a plastic wrapped magazine in the hopes that it will be good and then be bitterly disappointed when I get it home. Do they wrap a magazine in plastic when they know it's not as good as usual?

Now that Borders doesn't exist it is virtually impossible to buy an American magazine. I used to like Martha Stewart Living, especially the Christmas one with its good craft projects. And craft how tos is not something English magazines do well. Do you agree or disagree? What are your favourite magazines?

I also bought Vogue this month but Vogue deserves a post of its own!
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Amy said...

I'll always love Vogue. I believe it's recently come out of a bit of a slump. For a short time I felt it became a little naff, a bit flash and lost some of it's real glamour. Dad bought me a subscription for Christmas and it gives me great pleasure to discover a new copy lying on the door mat each month. Amy x

jenny said...

Thanks for commenting, Amy.
This month's Vogue is particularly good value with the Autumn/Winter catwalk supplement. I need to finish tearing out bits that appeal then I'll write about Vogue separately.x

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