Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Japanese masking tape

I love using this Japanese masking tape, whether it's to tape up an envelope, finish off a gift package, stick postcards/inspiration to the wall (although it states it should only be used on paper) or in collage pictures.

I first saw it for sale in John Lewis just before Christmas. That's when I bought the spotty one. Now a John Lewis assistant told me 'that's the sort of thing we only have at Christmas time' -er, why?
I've been looking out for it since then and I was pleased to find a few rolls at the Hambledon, Winchester (see previous post).

Does anyone know of a site that sells individual rolls? A friend says she has seen it with patterns on.
In my sometime in the future shop I will certainly want to stock it!!
(The pretty cup, saucer and plate set was a lucky charity shop find.)
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jenny said...

Thank you Chris for letting me know you can buy these 'washi' tapes through Amazon and also from