Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Did you know there is a contemporary dance group of people aged between 60 and 100? It's called the Company of Elders and performs at Sadler's Wells in London where it is based.

The 'elders' have not necessarily ever danced before in their lives but with the encouragement of professional choreographers they produce wonderful, uplifting dance performances.
I saw this on the television. Dance moves are based on individuals' physical reactions to past memories. 
To see an elderly lady close her eyes and then curl into herself with her hands over her ears as she relives the time she was evacuated in the war is really moving. All this is filmed and then becomes the basis for the choreography. The resulting dance is performed on the Sadler's Wells stage and thoroughly appreciated by regular ballet fans in the audience.

Maybe getting older isn't so bad if you keep dancing!
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