Saturday 19 June 2021

Helping to save the planet

Thinking about texture. I've used acrylics for this
An abandoned duck egg by the path
Had a play with felt tips yesterday !
Two beautiful pieces of cloth from a local charity shop. £2 each

I'm thinking about what we, as individuals, can do to help save the planet. I expect you already do all the things I'm about to list, but I'll list the small things I do which would have some impact if everyone did them too!

I don't buy new clothes apart from underwear.

 I buy everything from charity shops. Once items have been washed they are as good as, if not better than new. I prefer natural fabrics (cotton, silk, wool) not the synthetic stuff that many shops offer today. If I see something I think would look great on one of my daughters I buy things for them there too. 
I've just been visiting family near Berkhamstead. That town has GREAT charity shops and is a lot cheaper than Petersfield. 

Eat local and eat in season.

It annoys me that fruit and veg in supermarkets are often grown far, far away from here. I wish supermarkets would source food locally eg. apples. I try to buy food in season. We don't need strawberries in winter. So many nice things to eat can be grown in our gardens or window boxes. Local food saves polluting air miles and is tastier and can be cheaper. Cook from scratch if you can. 

Ditch the car

I've had to do this recently as my old car needed too much money spent on it. I haven't missed having a car yet - I am sure I will do soon but my immediate plan is to buy a bike instead. 

Use public transport - it's not pleasant to always be wearing a mask, especially on long journeys but again if everyone uses trains and buses in preference to cars it will have a good effect on the enviroment. Yesterday I had to go on the tube for the first time in ages - not recommended but do-able!

Switch to green electricity

Be as healthy as you can be, smile a lot at others and see friends.

Walk, talk and be creative. It would be great if we could have a positive effect on everyone we see, just by smiling at them. We are all going through hard times which are set to continue and there are many people having a horrendous time at the moment. The rules on what we can and cannot do keep changing and many of us are confused. Plus there is no definite end date in sight... 
What makes me happy is first and foremost talking and listening to others - strangers and friends, and secondly drawing/ painting/ experimenting on paper with what I have. I wonder what keeps you  happy in these strange times?

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