Thursday, 3 September 2020

Printing from a gelli plate and painting zinnias.

My latest painting of zinnias. Jenny Stacy
First attempt at painting zinnias. Jenny Stacy
Grapes and quince growing in the Physic Garden this week
A print from a gelli plate
Pleased with this print from a gelli plate. Jenny Stacy

None of the Handmade Happiness events booked for this year are to go ahead.  I was hoping that at least the Christmas sale at the Physic Garden could happen. But I just got an email saying that the room would be closed for the rest of 2020. 
The question is what to do instead. It would feel strange not to sell at Christmas at all ...

I enjoyed trying to paint zinnias this week. One of my favorite flowers. I get them at the Harrow Inn at Steep where they sell all their cottage garden flowers in aid of charity. And the flowers are often spectacular! I have also noticed that zinnia last far longer in water than other flowers do.

A friend mentioned she had a gelli plate that she hadn't yet used. So she brought it over to my house and we experimented. What fun! We used acrylic paint, rollered on and tried spraying the paint with water and making marks with an old credit card plus printing with bubble wrap. Some attempts were successful and others weren't. But I can't wait to have another go! I plan to use the printed papers in collages for card making and pictures.
I also want to try printing from a tile base. Hopefully I'll have something new to show you in the next post.

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