Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Alresford, Hampshire. Worth a visit

Inside Long Barn store on the outskirts of Alresford
Candle display in Long Barn
The Fulling Mill on the Millenium Walk
Steam train station

Map of Alresford

A friend and I went to Alresford yesterday. It was magic!
Having a shop for 8 years and being its only employee made me a bit of a hermit. I feel I'm rediscovering the place I live now.
Yesterday we parked at the Long Barn, a big store with cafe just outside the town. It reminded me of Anthropologie. Nicely styled, good quality products. A good place for gifts.

Parking in the town where there are still lots of little independent shops, you stroll down the hill past pastel painted old houses and turn left for the Millenium walk along the river. The water is crystal clear and you can see why the area is famed for its watercress, a plant that needs lots of clean water. Such a nice walk for children with little shelters in case of rain and water just asking to be paddled in. 
Further on there are lots of ducks on the water and you can buy bags of oats and seeds to feed them with.  This house (pictured above) is soo jigsaw pretty and has a fine history. It straddles the water and I wonder how it feels to live in it.

We had tea and a piece of cake at Tiffin where we felt completely safe on distanced tables. What's more, it being a Monday, £10 was knocked off the bill thanks to the government scheme to help cafes and restaurants.

Then a walk up to Alresford station where the steam trains go between Alresford and Alton. It's closed at the moment due to Covid but most children would love to go on one of their Thomas the tank engine days when the volunteer staff dress up as the Fat Controller etc.
I can't wait to go back to Alresford with my family.

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