Tuesday, 17 December 2019


SOLD My pink rose top of the tree angel
Using an old wallpaper sample book as gift wrapping
Outside the shop looking in
Tiny angels I made this year.

The Handmade Happiness shop is open for just one more week before closing forever. I am there every day except Sunday.

 The Handmade Happiness name will live on through this blog, my Instagram account jenny_handmade_happiness and the pop up events booked for next year at Petersfield's Physic Garden.

Meanwhile I have booked a man and his van to move the shop furniture to my house and makers are collecting their makes. It's a winding down process but the shop is full of unique, quality handmade gifts and well worth a visit up to and including Christmas Eve.

I have just one more thing to make. A lovely customer wants the bigger of the two top of the tree dolls(see previous picture) but she'd like her to have lace gloves, so that is what I'll be sewing today. 

I have no special sewing skill but my grandmother was a trained tailoress, working from home to support her child after her husband died. I often think of her and of how she could make any of the clothes in Vogue magazine, which my mother loved, just by examining the photograph. 
Maybe next year I'll focus on making more clothes or the upcycling and embellishing of old clothes. Does that appeal to you? 

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