Monday, 18 March 2019

In Handmade Happiness

Thank you to the person who left a pile of magazines on my doorstep for me to make into bags
Ceramic brooches made by Samantha Robertson for sale in HH
Samantha Robertson's work in Handmade Happiness

In these uncertain Brexit times it is important to take time out for yourself. Handmade Happiness is an oasis of handmade calm! Everything in it is designed and made from scratch by one individual. British craft by British craftspeople - pure and unadulterated.
It is energising and inspiring just to look around so VISIT!!

When I was younger I had the opportunity to get my designs copied abroad and this is one of the ways that craftspeople can make money in an easier way. I didn't like the idea, choosing to be poor but happy. It's like stepping from making into industry or more accurately to become the designer and not the maker. Whatever is right for you. But Handmade Happiness will continue to promote only things made in this country by one individual and that's that. I wonder if it is unique in that respect?

I'm continuing to do a painting a day and if you feel you'd like to do this do give it a try. I've also made quite a few bunnies with Easter in mind. I'll show you those next time!

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