Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Workshop news

Decorative heart I've just made, hopefully the first of many.The smoothly turned wood bowls are made by Harry Butler.

Exceptionally the shop will be closed this Thursday and Friday (January 31st and February 1st)  At this time of year the shop is quiet anyway what with it being January and the freezing cold weather...But I would hate for anyone to travel to the shop and then find it closed so I'm hoping that doesn't happen.

The shop is open as normal next week and I will be there tomorrow (Wednesday) and on Saturday. 

Is anyone else out there in the midst of tax calculations? It's always such a good feeling when it's done for another year! I've completed my tax return this morning. Hurray! 

Next month will see the first in-shop workshop of 2019. I will send out details at the weekend to all those who've expressed an interest.

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