Friday, 26 October 2018

Christmas making

Just arrived! Beth Pegler necklaces 
Kate Hackett's robins sell out fast. I love her ceramic xmas puddings too,
Pink lavender mice by Jenny Stacy
Blue Liberty lavender mice made by me
I've made 35 Liberty mice stuffed with lavender. £5 each.

Check out these Beth Pegler necklaces. I bought one in London recently and wore it non-stop so I knew I wanted them for the shop. Beth handmakes every one and uses strong magnet clasps. I have two sizes and a choice of mustard, red, shocking pink and burgundy. £25 each. A great gift and I expect a lot of women will buy them for themselves.

Kate Hackett's ceramic robins always sell out several times over in the run up to Christmas. Right now the shop has a large stock of them. £3 each.

It's that busy time of year again with not enough hours in the day to make all I want to make for Christmas.  

This year I've decided to use all my carefully saved hoard of fabrics and trimmings and to stop hanging on to my favourite bits. After all anything I leave in the loft will only go to a charity shop or, worse, straight into a skip, when I'm gone. My three children aren't interested in making things, although each is creative in his or her own way.

So I've used some of my precious collection of Liberty bits to make these mice and selling them for a reasonable price will help the shop. 
My kind neighbour always dries the lavender from her two bushes and gives it to me and it's this 2018 lavender I've used to stuff the mice with. It smells wonderful!

Next stockings - but I've got to dye a blanket first - I used to sell lots of  my big, embroidered stockings... and I have a new idea for Christmas cards this year ...and I've promised a customer to make more tiny fairies this week. And what about the boys? I never seem to have enough in the shop for boys and men. Anyone out there making presents that a man would love? Step this way, I'd be very interested in chatting with you!

Enjoy your day and your weekend everyone and happy making if you are a maker like me!


Unknown said...

Happy making Jenny. The mice are pretty and remind me of the tv series Bagpuss years ago. Bee x

jenny said...

How lovely to find a comment from you Bee! Thank you.x