Sunday, 18 March 2018

Open in all weathers?

Saturday is normally the busiest day in the shop. The day when the most customers spend the most money. So when the snow came back on Saturday at precisely 10am as the forecast for Petersfield had predicted, my heart
sank. For snow is the shopkeepers enemy...
This second, hopefully smaller 'beast from the east' reminds me of what happened the last time the snow came. Last time I kept the shop open for normal opening hours, even though Barclays, the post office and most shops in Petersfield were closed for a day or a day and a half due to weather conditions.

When it snows people stay at home. They certainly don't browse in shops. In really bad weather I can be in the shop all day and see no-one. Meanwhile the rent, electricity for lighting and heating etc. still have to be paid. It's worse for shops that employ staff whose overheads are much higher than mine. However  this year has been exceptional with the cold still with us in what is officially 'Spring' through March.

 On Saturday my family visited the shop on my younger grandaughter's second birthday. A joyful occasion.It was snowing and bitterly cold. So rather than waiting for customers who would perhaps not appear, I took the unusual decision to close at 3pm two hours earlier than normal. I apologise to anyone who might have tried to visit Handmade Happiness between 3 and 5pm. 

Hopefully I'll see you in a warmer enviroment next week.

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