Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Top Drawer

This must be one of the prettiest
shop fronts. Peggy Porschen's in
There is some new colourful jewellery in Handmade Happiness. It is designed and handmade in London and I love it.

I found it at Top Drawer.
I don't usually visit this trade fair. I like Handmade Happiness to represent the work of local artists but after nearly five years of trading locally I wanted to see if I could get a feel for future trends and maybe find some makers from a bit further afield.

I came away from Top Drawer inspired. In the handmade section I found beautiful painterly velvet cushions, the softest made-in-Devon fake fur throws and some experimentally glazed pottery that I really liked. 

More on those things later and a picture of the jewellery. Right now I am cutting up painted silk and wiring up old beads to make dragonflies. I fancy having flying dragonflies with tiny fairies on their backs flying across the shop window. I am also thinking a lot about some Italian marbled gift wrap I bought many years ago with streaks of gold in it. Wonderful for Christmas. I wonder if we can make it?