Friday, 30 September 2016

Paris - food, drink and flowers

Aubergines - not sure I've seen white ones before.
A constant mist of water over the bunches of herbs to keep them in peak condition
The pretty flower shop near the hotel
Perfect pink roses
Desserts in well-designed boxes
Chocolate anyone?
 Not far from the hotel New Orient where we stayed was a greengrocers with the most perfect fruit and vegetables. I think Parisian housewives demand (and expect) perfection in a way that we British do not.( Years ago I witnessed the shouting outrage of one French woman complaining when she saw something that was not quite perfect.)

In this greengrocers the fruit and vegetables were at their very best. We got a mango, an avocado, two perfect peaches, big, juicy tomatoes and a purple lettuce. Then round the corner for a hunk of cheese from the cheese shop and a baguette at another shop. A wonderful picnic.

That first day we had a drink and a croissant for breakfast at a patisserie on high bar stools. On day two (Monday) the patisseries were closed and we had a 'petit dejeuner' at Bar Dome which consisted of freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee and croissant for 7 euros. Considering we'd been paying 4.50 euros for just a cup of tea elsewhere this seemed like good value.

We noticed that you could have a hot drink/ glass of wine or soft drink all for the same price - 5 euros at some places. At our rate of exchange the pound was almost the same value as the euro so next time - a thermos!

We were surprised that our rooms at the hotel didn't have drink making facilities. French people obviously don't crave a cup of tea on waking the way we British do! I would recommend the New Orient Hotel in rue du Constantinople - just take a travel kettle with you and a plug adaptor.

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