Thursday, 1 September 2016

See inside Handmade Happiness

Kate Box's work

Justine Jenner's work
Niloo's work
Pam Dew's quilt and Kate Hackett's ceramics
Today Handmade Happiness had a revamp and to celebrate I'm inviting you inside. Thank you to Tara Wake for all the help she gave me. There's still more to do. Tomorrow will be another busy day. I'm thinking about Christmas and getting organised and well-stocked for the most hectic time of the year.

 I've just ordered a wonderful selection of ribbons for making with, wrapping with and, of course, to sell to my wonderful customers.


Brenda Tilbury said...

Just as well I'm coming in tomorrow! Can't wait to see you and your lovely shop x

jenny said...

I think the shop looks particularly fabulous at the moment and your cards are selling so fast Brenda!x