Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Paris visit- day One

The knitting shop/cafe we visited in the morning
Inside L'Oisive The
Burberry fashion on the rue de Faubourg St Honore
Alberta Ferretti's amazing clothes
Stunning dress by Alberta Ferretti
 A friend and I went to Paris on Saturday night and returned on Monday night. It was BRILLIANT !! 
On Sunday morning we visited L'Oisive The (metro Place d'Italie) a knitting shop cum cafe I'd read about online. There we found beautiful dyed yarns by Madeline Tosh and other American yarns. My friend, Pam, was very tempted to buy two MT skeins but at 25 euros each ( and a euro is roughly the same as a pound currently) they were too expensive. 

I wanted to find a French knitting book as many years ago I loved the Phildar/Pinguoin knitting patterns for babies and children. I found one but it was not for sale apparently. 

This shop had many books that were not for sale and the ones that were for sale tended to be English and American books. Also most thing we picked up were not priced and the staff were busy serving tea and food so it felt like we were interrupting to ask wool prices. But worth the visit for the inspiration the beautifully dyed yarns offered.

We headed for Galeries Lafayette and found it closed but the fact that most places are closed on a Sunday worked to our advantage as we walked down the Rue de Faubourg St Honore where the designers have their shops as we were able to take as many photos as we liked!

We noticed certain fashion themes - small boxy handbags; ornate guardsman inspired jackets and dresses with gold frogging,braid and gold appliques - a Michael Jackson look for women... The most appealing windows to us were those of Alberta Ferretti. Pretty, softly coloured feminine clothes, beautifully made.

There was a heavy police presence on Sunday. Traffic was being prevented from going near the Champs Elysee. We had our bags inspected more than once and were glad of it.  In the crowded Champs Elysee the people took over that wide road and we enjoyed watching street dancers trying to teach tiny children their dance moves to the enthusiastic cheers of the audience!

Beautiful big old houses in the rue Rembrant which leads to the Parc Monceau where we took a breather before returning to the hotel for a picnic supper of the most perfect fruit, salad and cheese we had bought at the market earlier.


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