Thursday, 22 September 2016

Better Marbling!

Today I did some better marbling. Using the technique I learnt late yesterday ie. to stir the water before adding the ink, I came up with some examples that looked more like marbling than my attempts yesterday (see previous post.)

I also used a pile of brown paper bags someone gave me for today's effort. Yesterday I was using ordinary A4 copy paper. And if I've got the patience to marble the backs of all these brown paper bags after waiting for the fronts to thoroughly dry they will make lovely gift wrappings.

In case you are wondering, I'm an early riser and blog/ write emails/ do craft activities before walking to work. A lark, not an owl.

Also today Kate Box, who knits the popular striped, bobbled and generally gorgeous hand warmers, cowls and blankets for the shop wrote about Handmade Happiness on her blog today. She's put up lots of pictures of inside the shop too. See it on


molebags said...

Jenny, those are GORGEOUS!

Kate Boox said...

Thanks for the link Jenny! I agree, your marbling is lovely - great colours! K X