Monday, 2 May 2016

May blossom

This tree near where I live is a riot of flowers right now. A wonderful reminder that spring is here and we have the whole of summer in front of us. 
It's been a good day for gardening and I've also sorted out some cotton fabrics to be made into bags for the shop. 

Regular readers will know that I write everything down in my 'design notebooks' and I've got dozens of them going  back to 1998 complete with sketches and photos and torn pictures from magazines. I looked at a couple of them today and was reminded that most ideas don't actually see the light of day. They seem like a flashbulb moment when you have the idea but then another idea supersedes them and the first idea is forgotten. 

For example I wrote about dried flower petals on pale pink tissue wrapping a gift with cellophane over the top. That would be pretty. Or at Christmas you could do the same with chopped up silver tinsel and sequins on white tissue all trapped under cellophane. I was reminded of how many cards I used to sell and one of my inspirations was the artist Klimt. I think I'll revisit Klimt inspired design now and maybe translate the gift wrapping idea into some sort of card too. But I mustn't blabber on. You might want to be outside, appreciating spring.

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