Sunday, 1 May 2016

Kaleidoscopes by Frank Higgins

An assortment of kaleidoscopes in Handmade Happiness made by Frank Higgins
Different kaleidoscopes made by Frank Higgins on display in Handmade Happiness
When I was a child I looked through a cardboard cylinder and saw plastic shapes changing patterns as I turned the end. The first time I saw Frank Higgins, infinitely superior kaleidoscopes made with glass and mirrors I was transported into a magical world and couldn't stop saying,'Wow' at what I was looking at.

Anyone who comes into Handmade Happiness can look through the kaleidoscopes. I love it when people are genuinely awe-struck by them, especially if it's a teenager and they've never seen anything like it before in their life.

They are cleverly made. Frank Higgins is a retired scientist and (I'm guessing) a perfectionist. He uses coloured glass, including those tiny millefiori glass flowers you see in paperweights. He paints some of the glass himself giving it a marbled look. The kaleidoscopes make very special presents or sometimes customers are so enraptured by one that they just have to buy it for themselves there and then. 

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Brenda Tilbury said...

One is on my wish list Jenny! X