Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Sorry pictures stuck

If I had a degree in computer science I could work out what is currently wrong with my emails. They don't send. My email address (which I've had for probably 15 years) is 'not recognised'. Therefore no pictures today. 

Frustrating, but those of us with no specialised technical knowledge are used to this. I find the whole computer thing boring so I rely on the machine sorting itself out or another human being telling me what to do. 

Currently I'm being urged to join Instagram but right now it just feels like another thing to go wrong. 

Talking about joining up, can I take this opportunity to say I ignore anything emailled about Facebook or Linked in. So those friend requests... I realise I seem to be being rude but actually I don't want to belong to Facebook or Linked in. Their emails just clutter up my inbox. In a mad moment because someone I know asked me to I joined but instantly regretted it because those emails keep pinging in several times a day and actually life is too short. I want to do what I enjoy and time is precious. Let's not waste it when we don't have to!

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