Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Workshop cancelled

My fairy against Pam Dew's quilt
Thursday night's workshop on making Christmas decorations has been cancelled. Not enough people were interested in doing it to make it worthwhile. So apologies for that.

Of course, life being what it is, as soon as I had cancelled it a woman came into the shop asking if there was still space for her and her husband to attend. But to be honest I am very tired right now and will be glad to have a workshop-free week.

The shop is now back to being open 5 days a week as my little grandaughter has started at nursery so I no longer need to look after her on Tuesdays. I miss her but my daughter brought her down last week and Juno seems to love being in the shop. 

I wonder if she'll be able to weave. A teacher told me she tried a weaving activity with her small charges and none of them were able to do it. She reckons they are so used to the up down motion of pushing a button that the more intricate over and under action was alien to them.

 This reminded me of being on a train recently and seeing a platform full of people with their heads bent down looking at their phones. Will one day babies be born with heads locked in this position?

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