Saturday, 24 October 2015

Making smaller dolls

Making dolls at the kitchen table
 I'm experimenting with a smaller doll as I have said I'll have more dolls in the shop by the end of next week.

 This is a 5 part doll. I start by drawing the shapes on an opened out cereal box - this is why I could never do a kit of my designs! Then I cut out all the pieces twice in fabric and sew them together leaving gaps for arms and legs.

 The doll you see is not going to be sold. Making her has shown me the faults in the design. Because the stuffing may shift I've decided to sew the tops of legs and arms before attaching them to the body to stop this happening. So hopefully the next doll and dolls following will be more saleworthy.

I'll finish this particular doll and give her to my little grandbaby, Juno, who has been staying this week with my daughter.

Having Juno in the shop is delightful. She totters around on her 16 month old legs and can be amused for whole minutes at a time puting my handmade buttons into different gift boxes and tipping them out again. Now she has gone home my whole attention is once more focussed on the customer and today, Saturday, promises to be a busy day.


molebags said...

hope you did have a busy Saturday, Jenny, and a lovely week with Juno and her Mum!

jenny said...

Thank you Carol. Hope you've had a nice weekend. I'm emailling you now about your new pens...