Saturday, 3 October 2015


'Inspiration boards' on the wall of Handmade Happiness
I just sat down and drew out the designs for next week's workshop on making Christmas decorations. I've had a mental picture of what they would look like and I've been thinking of how, practically this can be achieved within two hours and the answer came to me in the night -use a stapler. I'll do a prototype on Sunday and show you what they'll look like.

The Christmas fairy workshop was well attended by 11 makers. I did a previous fairy workshop which attracted 14 but that did feel almost too crowded.As usual everyone made a different looking fairy. Each individual put their own stamp on their creation.

This week I was reminded of the inspectors that come round shops looking for breaches of copyright.  Knitting companies are trying to stamp out the practice of people selling anything made from a knitting pattern. I think it is an impossible task. 

Apparently the same company that checks shops have paid for a licence before playing any music or having the radio on is also looking out for knitted goods. I wonder if they'll patrol craft fairs as well?

Knitting is a slow, laborious process. Very few people can make up any one pattern more than once or twice.I could understand knitting pattern designers anxiety if someone was reproducing their work in a factory and making hundreds of items. But to target (and fine) shops for selling individual hand knitted items seems like overkill.

Personally I would like to have background music playing in my shop. But I'm not paying £200 plus annually for that luxury so apologies that it's always quiet in Handmade Happiness - unless you happen to come in when I'm singing. Nobody can fine me for singing - however much they may want to!!!

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