Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Knitting and Stitching Show visit / 3

Sue Dove's Pansies
One of Jill Denton's hooked pictures.
'Sisters' by Sue Dove
Cards showing the work of Michala Gyetvai
Liberty scraps 
A skein of sari silk pieces unravelled
Some of the things I came home with are pictured.

 I was so impressed with the colourful exhuberance of Sue Dove and Jill Denton's exhibition area. Cards and postcards showing their embroidery and rag rug work are shown above.

I fell for colour again when I bought this skein of sari silk pieces and I love Liberty fabrics and one stand was selling bags full of assorted scraps. 

Michala Gyetvai stitches into wool creating energetic pictures with lots of movement. Pictured above are two of her cards.

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molebags said...

love the sisters by Sue Dove! See you soon, love C x