Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Christmas decorations and shopping

Ideas for the Christmas decorations workshop on Thursday by Jenny Stacy
What I bought on Sunday at tkmax

One of my favourite shops is tkmax. I haven't got the patience to look at the clothes but I do like looking at the other things. As Forrest Gump says: 'It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.'

So my cut price finds on Sunday were (pictured) a Neom candle which smells gorgeous and is called 'Happiness.' (I'll burn it in the shop.)  Rose and olive oil soaps from France. A lavishly illustrated Italian cook book by Tessa Kiros and a very soft wrap.A bit of international luxury at bargain prices. Ideal!

Talking of shopping I needed to get some clothes for my Mum yesterday and I was dismayed by the harsh colours and rough feel of the things I saw. Those blacky-brights don't suit most people so why are they offered? And I'd like soft cottons and machine washable 'superwool' but all I can find is synthetic fabrics. Is it me? 

Thursday night is Christmas decorations workshop night. I'm puting together a few examples as pictured. The fabric at base is the start of a fabric decoration because some people prefer sewing to cutting and sticking so I hope to have four or five different designs for inspiration. Now I must hurry to the shop.

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