Sunday, 18 October 2015

Glitter and jewel colours

Doreen Arnold's crocheted angels given some glitter
Needlefelted shapes I made in the shop
More needlefelted shapes that could become brooches or Christmas decorations
Doreen Arnold delivered dozens of the white crochet snowflakes she makes to the shop yesterday. She also brought in some angels which I haven't seen before. 

With her permission I glittered the angels this morning. Three with white glitter and one with silver glitter - on both sides. What my picture doesn't convey is the way they sparkle with the light catching silver and white. 

If these work (I'll know once they are dry) I'll glitter some of Doreen's delicate snowflakes too. Now I can't decide if I like the white glitter or the silver glitter look best...

It's been a week of indecision. With this needlefelting I can't decide whether brooches or Christmas decorations would be the best use for these pieces. I can picture them sewn to torn sari silk ribbons at intervals - maybe three ribbons between each with more torn bits hanging down as a lush Christmas garland decoration. 

Or they could just have loops of sari silk ribbon to hang them from the tree or they could have a brooch back sewn to them. Or they could be sent in a parcel to Bee. I sent Bee Mellor, my Two Birds jewellery collaboratrice, a parcel last week but now I keep seeing other things I wish I'd sent so a second parcel seems bound to follow!

As people come in to see what Christmas presents they could buy at Handmade Happiness I am filled with a sense of urgency. But that indecisive mood means I don't know where to focus my making. Fairies, yes, I've made some more of them. People would like smaller dolls - I've just drawn a pattern for them. Jewellery because I haven't got enough jewellery and those handmade buttons - I never seem in the mood to make those these days but they do sell well. So FOCUS is my message to self. Is it the time of year? Do any of you also feel indecisive at the moment?

My grandbaby and her mum are coming to stay this week which will be lovely. You may meet them if you visit the shop.


Kate Box said...

I suffer from indecision, it stifles opportunity and can be such ball and chain! Glad you got to spend some time with your family this week. K x x

Anonymous said...

Nice to know I'm in good company Kate. Jenny x