Monday, 1 June 2015

La Droguerie inspiration

I've been writing this blog for nearly 7 years... Today no picture as the Picasa/Google/Blogger link is broken so please imagine what I would have shown you: 

Firstly some new ceramics - soon as I can I'll share with you and secondly, the 'la droguerie' sign which is the inspiration for my new shop sign which will soon appear.

La Droguerie is one of my favourite shops. It has several branches in France and sells buttons, beads, ribbons, yarn and patterns all attractively displayed. It has unusual bits and pieces like velvety pansies and is a total joy to browse in.

 The simple joined up writing on its logo is the clear kind of writing I want for the new Handmade Happiness writing above the shop.  For many years I dreamed of having a shop like la droguerie but fate conspired to grant me a gift shop instead. A Handmade Happiness shop full of brilliant things made by talented people and cards, most of which you will not find elsewhere.

I did a really silly thing on Friday. I cut my hand while serving a customer and, being distracted, I punched in £1-90 for her picture on the card machine instead of the £190 it should have been. I didn't realise until later and I'm sure she hasn't realised either. Today I'll write to her bank so they can let her know and try to stop kicking myself!!

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