Thursday, 11 June 2015

My weekend

Younger daughter Sophie lives in Harpenden and on Sunday we went for a scenic walk there along a river created by a natural spring. We thought we saw a kingfisher - just a flash of colour. The water was so pure and clear you could see all the fish - trout apparently. 

On Monday I went to London and enjoyed the feeling of being an international traveller at St Pancras railway station, home of Eurostar and a mini Fortnum and Masons. I imagined travelling back and forth to Paris where my second Handmade Happiness store will be based...!

In Covent Garden I looked round the Gudrun Sjoden shop.  Strong colour cottons in big prints. The clothes are cheerful and fun and layered. I liked the way Gudrun's clothes' designs are pinned up on the wall on large sheets of paper and the simple rose motif painted on the floors.  It's Swedish but has stores all over the world.

At Waterloo station these giant dinosaurs were getting photographed a lot. I was en route to daughter Amy's house where I look after baby Juno so her mum can work. Juno may only be 11 months old but she's in training. I may need her to work in Handmade Happiness, Paris one day!! 


Melanie Ferguson said...

It sounds like a lovely weekend and so good to hear about. I enjoy your blog so very much. I admire your independence. Kind regards Melanie

jenny said...

Thanks Melanie.
Let me know if you have a blog. If so I'd love to take a look.

Anonymous said...

merci Jenny de penser à t'installer à Paris
je n'aurai plus besoin de t'inviter

jenny said...

Thank you for your comment Ghislaine.x