Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Facelift for Handmade Happiness!

Passing cars will notice Handmade Happiness now!
Wayne Osborne of Osborne Signs Ltd starts hand-painting.
Above the door. This space was previously blank. What a waste!
I'm really pleased with the way the words 'gifts' and 'art' look in a shade darker green.
When Handmade Happiness first opened three and a half years ago I spent very little on signage and ended up with black writing in just one of four spaces. I wasn't happy about it and realised the short sign made the shop look smaller than it is and less noticeable than it could be.

 On Monday Wayne Osborne, one of just a few sign writers in the country,whose 
company is based at Midhurst, made good use of the available space with paint my mother would call 'chartreuse' ie a yellow/lime with a dash of black and the kind of clear joined-up writing that I wanted.

I'm really pleased with the way the shop now looks. Thank you Wayne - check out lots of other signs he has painted on  He's taken my 'A'board away to re-paint. Next step is puting a sign up on that flag pole you can see just above the door. 

Tomorrow, Thursday, is the knitting get together at Winton House - 7 to 9pm. If you are coming and haven't told me you are definitely coming please email me or ring the shop tomorrow - 01730 267711 so I don't underestimate numbers. I am looking forward to a relaxed evening in good company. Just sorting out what yarns to take from the ridiculous amount I seem to have accumulated over the years!


Chrissy said...

I love the new lettering and the colour, it's perfect. How about hanging some bunting from the flagpole?

jenny said...

Glad you like it Chrissy.x